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idk i’ve had two emotional breakdowns today and i’m meant to be happy right because i just got a big bonus in my paycheck and i’m going back to school soon but instead i’ve been crying uncontrollably and trying to hide it and probably makin everyone i’ve talked to miserable and i don’t know what’s wrong with me i just feel useless and worthless and ugly and disgusting and i’ve always felt like that but this is worse and i don’t know what to do

Keep on keeping on. It won’t always be like this. x





its not over

Lies and publicity games aren’t enough to shut people down in 2014

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a reality check that’s a blow to the solar plexis

SEE ALSO: why i’m crumbling under the weight of prolonged loneliness for fear of letting anyone in again & repeating this


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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

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Azealia Banks Complete Discography.

Hi Kunt Brigade,

Here is a .torrent for ALL of Azealia Banks’ music, barring that Partition remix with Busta Rhymes.

I have purchased all the music that can be and I ask that you support Azealia Banks at one point. I am in a position where I’m able to buy the music, but I can understand others can’t do so right now; we were all there once I’m sure. Just pay your dues when you can. :)


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“ The beef-plagued femcee, who was recently made headlines by being described as a “syphilis-lipped rectum” by T.I., didn’t give a reason for the latest delay. Now that she’s an independent artist, Azealia can’t blame the label. I think she should just drop Broke With Expensive Taste as a mixtape and move on to the next project because this is getting embarrassing. ”


Mike Wass /

My two cents:

I fucking adore Azealia Banks. She has a talent that I envy and the type of music that she creates is wonderfully unique - not all of it is good but she is consistent with her music like I haven’t seen from a ‘femcee’ in a long time (Missy Elliot comes to mind…). Not only is her music great but Azealia Banks always seems to find a way to make compelling and awesome visuals to go with her music whenever she releases a music video.

I agree with Mike Wass. She needs to drop ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ and MOVE ON. If I were her I would be sick to death of having to work on this album. She’s released some amazing shit with the 1991 - EP and Fantasea and Fantasea II but come on Azealia…isn’t this album leaving a bad taste in your mouth? After all the drama that has happened with her record label and going independent and all the negative vibes that I’m sure working on this album conjures up for her I couldn’t imagine wanting to work on this any longer.

Release it. Record new shit. Move on.

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okay so i can finally announce the good news — WE HAVE A FUCKING PLACE TO STAY AT WOOP WOOP. welcome to, a community for the azealia stan free of any sort of hate. the tumblr tag can get so messy and other websites like atrl is filled with malicious people so is perfect if you just want a platform where you can discuss all things azealia but also other things like hobbies and shit! there’s a forum with threads ranging from azealia’s best photoshoot to other musicians like fka twigs, lady gaga, lana del rey etc and it’s all moderated (although the casual messiness is fine). you can create groups about whatever the fuck you like (like oitnb, new artists, fashion etc), you can update your status + customise your profile and you can even write a blog! it’s like facebook but a lot better and friendlier and just overall easier to use. i’m rené there (@seventeen yaas) and i’m a moderator there so you guys better keep things cuTe. anywho, create an account, get a decent avatar and then introduce your beautiful selves here! whilst i am it i’d like to thank the creator maiko for his generosity and his dedication — he pretty much created the whole thing, from coding to designing to financing!

we even got azealia banks herself to “fav” a tweet about so she’s acknowledged it and will hopefully join (i’m PRAYING we can host some sort of q&a google hangout session with her someday) so what the fuck are y’all waiting for? JOIN NOW!

She’s always my favourite character….

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